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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 7, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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wall of discrimination. we can see a place where freedom and respect come easily and where protection from harm is what our government does for us and not to us. >> reporter: lesbians and gays are celebrating although they expect their biggest battle is yet to come. >> i love san francisco. it's great. >> reporter: eight years ago gavin newsom opened city hall to gay marriage. lieutenant governor newsom says today's decision is about more. >> it's about human and civil rights. it's about the full promise of the constitution. >> about time that we have a sober discussion of the arguments and the rights of california voters to protect the only institution that unites children with their parents. >> reporter: the professor says there are two issues at stake.
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>> is there a fundamental right to marry? even if not, is there a rational basis for denying equality to gay people wrapped to marriage? >> reporter: the law professor says prop 8 proponents have had a hard time. >> optimal parenting or stable family relationships or education of children. and the difficulty here in california for that argument is lift the stay that prevents-- is that gay couples can do all of that. >> he is willing to go out on a limb to say how the court will rule. >> this is an issue whose time has come. the cultural understanding of the issue is advanced. i think it's 5-4 in favor of same-sex marriage. it might even be 6:3 or 7:2. >> reporter: the stay blocking
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same-sex marriage in california remains in place. there may be efforts to lift it but for now can't do it. don knapp, cbs 5. bay area residents are backing the court's decision by 2:1. our poll found 61% agree with the ruling, 29% disagree with it. 75% said they should be able to share in the legal benefits of marriage. coming up at 6:30, we'll speak to a constitutional law professor about what it takes to resolve the issue once and for all and why the supreme court may not take the case. we have developing news out of alameda county. tonight a man suspected of shooting and critically wounding a federal officer is in police custody. police say the gunman ambushed the officer right outside his home in newark. len ramirez has late details. len. >> reporter: that's right. big break in the case this afternoon. police arrested a suspect they
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have identified as 61-year-old dennis deelbagwell. he was arrested in union city during a traffic stop by newark officers this afternoon. he will be charged with attempted murder of a federal officer during the shooting on the sidewalk early this morning. >> neighbors reported hearing gunfire. >> one federal agent suffered from one gunshot wound. reporter: neighbors along mayhews landing near bettencourt reported hearing the sound of five gunshots just before 6 a.m. >> upon officers' arrival, they found an off-duty federal agent suffering from at least one gunshot wound. >> reporter: it was a customs and border protection officer >> it's unknown if the agent discharged a weapon. this was an off-duty incident not in his working capacity. >> reporter: police are not discussing a motive. neighbors said they saw a man possibly walking with a limp
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leaving the scene after the shooting and driving away in a white compact car. >> i heard three gunshots. i mean, i knew they were gunshots. boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: neighbors were shaken by the shooting but none more so than the officer's next- door neighbors. their suv was shot through and through the passenger side door by an obviously large caliber weapon. armando gonzalez said the officer had lived in the home for two years with his wife. he was friendly but mostly kept to himself. >> didn't seem like a person that would bug somebody. other than that i mean, really, i wouldn't know why someone would want to target him or if that's what it was. >> reporter: the officer who was also 61 years old is still in the hospital. his condition is unknown. his family requested that no information or updates about his condition be released to the news media. reporting live in newark, len ramirez, cbs 5. it's a new year but the city of oakland is still struggling with violence.
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in the past seven days, there have been 20 shootings and five homicides bringing this year's total to 14, two more than last year. today oakland's new police chief expressed his frustration and a possible connection to gang violence. >> quite simply that's unacceptable. we know that there's a feud linked to two rival groups in east oakland and in west oakland. we need the community to step forward with information on these acts of violence. >> the chief also said his department is now partnering with atf, fbi and the marshal's service to crack down on illegal guns. oakland police and city leaders have a huge security problem brought on by the group "anonymous." private information posted as public as the group linked to the "occupy oakland" movement looks for revenge. christin ayers and why one city councilwoman apparently escaped
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attack. >> reporter: police are now conducting an investigation calling this a clear case of cyberterrorism. the group is a group of so- called "hacktivists" they on monished oakland police for arresting up and roughing up "occupy oakland" protestors along with the video several pages of home phone numbers and addresses of oakland's most high-profile public officials. including the mayor, police chief, city attorney and most of the city council. one councilmember told us that harassment has already started. >> i got a weird phone call was night at 4 a.m. and then another person called me today around 7:00. >> this is a common tactic that's used by "anonymous." i call it cyber terrorism. >> reporter: "anonymous" has done this about. they defaced the website of the boston police department apparently in retaliation for the police response to "occupy wall street."
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now, there was one city council member here in oakland who was spared. rebecca kaplan's personal information was left off the document that you saw. instead there was simply a note that said, thank you for your support. live in oaklanders christin ayers, cbs 5. new tonight as walnut creek bar owners work on a plan to battle the recent spike in alcohol-fueled fighting, tonight the city council is getting involved in the issue. ann notarangelo tells us what is on the line. ann. >> reporter: dana, the city council meets in about an hour and for months now they have been discussing whether or not to pass an ordinance that would help them crack down on bars throughout the city but tonight, they are focusing on the future of just one bar. reporter: lift lounge takes center stage tonight in the ongoing debate over walnut creek's late-night violence but at stake says the bar's attorney may be its existence. >> if it can't offer its services and its products at that time, then it's probably going to be out of business. >> reporter: the bar is appealing the city's decision to force lift lounge to close an hour earlier at 11:30 at
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night. the city maintains there have been dozens of calls for police service at the bar and closing earlier might help curtail late night brawls like this one caught on tape. but dave says his client has been unfairly singled out. >> none of these incidents have been alleged to have taken place occurred at or near lift. so lift had no involvement in any of these incidents. >> reporter: perhaps what's needed, he adds, is more police presence which was recently beefed up. walnut creek's genteel image may be taking a had the but not everyone agrees -- taking a hit but not everyone agrees with what the city wants to do. >> i don't agree limiting hours is the right approach. >> reporter: instead some say give the bars a chance to improve the safety and security of their night of the night life. today many met to come up with a plan. we were not allowed in because it was a private meeting. only a handful of establishments seem to have caught all the attention. >> i don't think the restaurants are doing enough
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and the bars right now, you know, because there's continuous problems. >> reporter: one business owner says it's affecting his bottom line. hoping to be a destination for the hungry bar crowd this subway opened up six months ago but the late-night weekend crowd was not good for business. >> it was a lot more rough if you will. it was a bit of a different atmosphere. so we got a little nervous so pulled back and said we're not ready for this. >> reporter: you can bet that the other bar owners across the street are going to be paying close attention to what happens here tonight. even if the city decides that it's going to reduce the hours of the lift lounge, the bar then has the option if it wanted to turn around and sue the city. in walnut creek, ann notarangelo. where are you guy at? >> on the ground! >> a bay area home in flames and children trapped inside. see what firefighters saw as they went room to room to save them. a slick new crime. the strange thing thieves are
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stealing from bay area restaurants that's hotter than the deep fryer. >> i'm mike sugerman hating life riding a bike up a hill. can't wait for the electric bikes to come to san francisco. that's coming up. and we go under water with felons. how their life behind bars is turning into a future six- figure salary and also saving taxpayers a bundle. >> i came to the program hoping to change my life and i did. and from the cbs 5 weather center, we're noticing that the showers are tapering off. next up, the next storm. and the day to expect it with the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues.
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unique perspective on a real-life drama. helmet-mounted cameras capture the action as firefighters rush into a burning e tonight we have an intense
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perspective on a real-life drama. helmet mounted cameras capture the action as firefighters rush into a burning east bay apartment complex. don ford shows us the race to save the children trapped inside. >> reporter: they responded to an apartment fire trapped by flames the mother living upstairs lowered one of her children into the arms of firefighter anthony mcadams. >> she didn't know what to do. so she handed her child down to me. >> reporter: all of these scenes captured with a helmet cam worn by captain tom pappas. he and the teamdashedd inside --
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dashed inside to find the children still inside. >> going to search this apartment. >> reporter: the smoke was so thick, he had to use a special infrared camera, but it was the children's screams that led him to their hiding place. [ screaming ] >> fire department! >> he was crying. they were in the back bedroom tucked in the closet underneath a blanket scared for their lives. >> reporter: in total darkness, captain pappas grabbed the child and pulled him to safety. >> to pull him out of that type of environment was absolutely incredible. >> reporter: moments later, firefighter anthony mcadams found another child a small girl, his second life-saving rescue in that burning apartment. >> picked her up and realized that she was kind of talking but she was frightened, had her hands over her face, she was crying and i just grabbed her and just beelined right out of the front door. >> reporter: the apartment fire was contained in less than 15 minutes. 15 minutes that both firefighters and the children they saved will never forget. in all, four people were transported by ambulance to the hospital and all of them are expected to fully recover.
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in san leandro, don ford, cbs 5. thieves have come up with a slick new idea for making a quick buck. patrick sedillo shows us grease is the word. >> reporter: at belly burger in san francisco, everything is cooked to order from the kobe beef burgers to the fresh cut fries and the grease is more than just hot. it's a hot commodity. >> it costs a lot of money to not only sign up a restaurant convince them to do the right thing with their waste cooking oil. >> after they're finished with the oil it's taken out back and stored in containers and then in the middle of the night thieves were coming and stealing the grease for profit. >> they will sell it for a portion of the value but still make a decent amount of money so it's worth it to them to steal oil. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows them vacuuming dollars away and recyclers say that biodiesel fuel costs are the culprit. >> there is a black market for yellow grease now as it's sometimes called. independent people who will
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steal here and there and use it for their vehicles that burn on vegetable oil. >> reporter: theft is an industry problem. david levinson of got grease says the thieves are cutting in a his bottom line. >> tough to expand your business and get new restaurants when you're going to the restaurant and there's no cooking oil to collect. >> reporter: so the department of food and agriculture is cracking down with a program to catch the slippery thieves. the industry realizes it's not easy being green. >> you try to perform a good service, try to collect before it gets full and when you arrive there, your grease container has been sabotaged. there is a hole in it. >> reporter: in san francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. new fallout at the susan g. komen foundation tonight. over the funding controversy with planned parenthood. karen handel a senior vice president for public policy at the breast cancer charity has resigned. she said, although she supported the decision to revoke funding for planned parenthood, other officials
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approved it. the charity reversed its decision a day later following public outcry. for the fourth time in seven years, californians will likely vote on whether a girl's parents should be notified if their young daughter is going to have an abortion. signatures are being gathered to put the issue on the november 2012 ballot. tonight a closer look at both sides of a very polarizing issue. backers. initiative say it only makes sense that parents of girls under 18 be told. >> she can't get body piercing, can't go to a tanning booth under 18, can't get a tooth filled without family approval and suddenly she can get an abortion which is a huge event. >> reporter: opponents counter saying that when it comes to the youngest girls, a vast majority do tell their parents. >> exactly. >> reporter: usf law professor maya manyon. >> parents understandably want to know if their daughter is pregnant. i'm a mother and i would want to know if she was in that
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situation. >> reporter: but she says, voters need to think of the girls who are more vulnerable than most. >> unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world. not every teenager has an ideal family. not every teenager can safely talk about this with a parent or even have a parent in their lives to talk with. >> reporter: opponents say a young girl's health is at risk if being forced to notify her parents causes her to put off getting prenatal care. backers. notification initiative says a girl's health is their concern, too. >> i think if you -- >> reporter: except they feel she is more likely to get healthcare if parental notification is the law. >> i'm number of late abortions are done on teenaged girls because they hide it and the jig is up. you can see it and so they go to the parents and they get what treatment they get. so i don't think that's a serious problem. >> reporter: as for why voters will see this issue on the ballot for the fourth time since 2005? >> it's hard to know exactly
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what the motives are, why this has been repeated four times, why californians keep rejecting this measure. and they keep pushing it. but it may be just to generally draw attention to abortion in the way that politicizes it and garners people out to vote. >> for me it's the atomic bomb dropped on society. this is a big issue you can't stop. >> the deadline for the required 808,000 ballot signatures is june 11. back in 2008 what was prop 4 or popularly called sarah's law was defeated by a vote of 52 to 48%. if you have a story idea log on to click "connect" and then scroll down to "closer look," send us an email. things are beginning to settle down here in the cbs 5 weather center as even our link, showers are beginning to dissipate. good evening, everyone. let's look at our live hi-def doppler radar. the storm that moved through very quickly this morning dumping over an inch of rain
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throughout the bay area, still leaving in its wake a little bit of light precipitation right there throughout the napa area also a little bit of light precipitation heading towards mount hamilton, hit and miss spotty showers around the santa cruz mountains but for the most part, showers are dissipating. currently, temperatures in the 50s, after realizing only 54 today in kentfield to 61 degrees in redwood city and also in richmond. now, tonight, we'll bottom out between 38 and 49 degrees and with a lot of that low-level moisture we will see some areas of patchy dense fog just about everywhere from the inland areas bayside and also back to the coast. so the fog develops, we'll have clouds from the lingering system and also some fog for openers tomorrow. and then, sunny and warmer conditions. the warmest day of the week will be on thursday. beautiful system plowing through the state. now dumping up to about 2" of snow in the high sierra in the wake of the storm. we have another one out over the pacific ocean kicking up the swells. we have a high surf advisory in
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effect tomorrow morning 4 a.m. to 3 p.m. with the westerly swells building to 16 feet breakers at 18 feet. tomorrow, with the sunshine temperatures a string of 60s along the beaches, mid-60s in campbell and los gatos. east of the bay, up to 67 degrees for the warm spot in brentwood. 65 in pleasanton. north bay numbers stacking up into the 60s, as well. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast and that's straight ahead. >> all right. thank you. taking the work out of riding a bike. the bay area city investing in some serious pedal power. and california prisoners training to be deep sea divers. how this second chance under water is saving the state a fortune. ,,,,
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tired of going up and down steep hills, or going the long way around to avoid them?
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mike s y people in the bay cyclists, tired of going uphill, scared of going downhill or going a long way around to avoid them? well, mike sugerman is going to show us the new way people in the bay area can get some serious pedal power. >> reporter: san francisco is one of the nation's bikingest cities. the numbers today show ridership up 7% from last year. even with the obvious problems. >> oh, i hate hills! this is nuts! >> reporter: can't stand riding a bike uphill. i'll go miles out of the way to avoid them. now an answer. >> we have an electric bike here, pedal-assist bike that will help you get uphill. >> reporter: electric bikes aren't new. the fact that city car share will soon make them available is. city car share allows you to rent cars by the hour and later this year for the first time in the nation, 90 such bikes will be available too, san francisco and berkeley. >> it makes you feel like you got superman legs. >> reporter: mike harrigan runs the electric fleet for city car share and says there will be
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trailers and baskets available so you can take it on, say, a grocery run. >> reporter: you still have to pedal to keep up the 37-volt battery motor going but it is so much easier. tops out at 20 miles an hour and can get up to 25 miles on one charge. once you get going, this thing is a dream. who needs a car? city car share is getting more than a million and a half dollars in grants to get the program started including three- quarters of a million dollars from the university of california. >> we'll see what the impact will be on people moving from a car ownership culture into a transit oriented culture. >> reporter: doesn't that seem like a lot of money from a cash- strapped educational system? what are taxpayers going to get out of this? >> they're going to get a system that is designed so that other municipalities across the country can use it. >> reporter: in other words to
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help peddle the program in other cities. mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> doesn't give him anything with wheels. dangerous! three states, dozens of delegates and bragging rights. the next test of the presidential race under way right now. and the first results just coming in. a federal appeals court strikes down prop 8 but the fight isn't over. what it will take to finally resolve the issue and why the supreme court may not take the case. this under water welder is a convict training inside a california prison. i have something to look forward to. >> how inmates are trading a life of crime for a six-figure salary. the bonus for taxpayers. coming up next.
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presidential r three states, two caucuses, one primary. tonight we await results from the presidential race in colorado, minnesota and missouri. ken bastida is waiting for those first results to come in. ken. >> reporter: kind of interesting, dana. they don't mean anything. this is all for show. yeah, they're voting but they're nonbinding votes this time around. the very early numbers are giving rick santorum some hope that he might be on the verge of having a big night in
6:30 pm
minnesota. let's take a look. the numbers are starting to trickle in with 3% of the precincts reporting so far. rick santorum holds a big lead at 40 delegates will also decide their preferences later in the process. romney won minnesota in 2008 but it's still as you can see up for grabs. now, santorum also leads in very early returns in missouri but missouri is holing a nonbinding primary meaning no delegates run for grabs. just the bragging rights tonight. romney has basically ignored missouri altogether. he is not even going. missouri picks its delegates at caucuses next month. so far no results from colorado, still too early. 33 delegates run for grabs in colorado's caucus but like we saw in iowa, once again, the caucus are nonbinding. their 36 delegates will be chosen at district conventions and the statewide convention coming up in april. today's gop candidates also
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tried to convince voters they are the best conservative for the job. who is more conservative? mitt, rick? newt? mitt romney wants to extend his winning streak. he won colorado in 2008 but the tea party has made it a more conservative race. and today newt gingrich played up his conservative positions, as well. he wasn't on the ballot in missouri as i mentioned but he did compete in colorado and minnesota. he campaigned in ohio as well today hoping to score big in the swing state next month. and rick santorum is looking for his first win since iowa. he essentially skipped florida and nevada to double down on colorado and minnesota. we need a map of the states, move them around like puzzle pieces. thinks confipositions on social -- his conservative positions on social issues are serving him well. ron paul poured money into minnesota hoping for victory there. paul is the only candidate who has yet to win a state
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contest. back to you guys. >> thank you, ken. we're going to check bay area headlines now. a domestic violence advocacy group is trying to raise money for a billboard targeting san francisco's sheriff, ross mirkarimi, over accusations he abused his wife. that sign would be placed near the sheriff's office at the hall of justice and would read, "domestic violence is never a private matter." the days of plastic bags are numbered. the san francisco board of supervisors just approved a ban on plastic bags in all retail and restaurant establishments in the city. shoppers will also need to pay 10 cents per paper bag. a shake-up at yahoo. four board members including the chairman announced today that they're leaving the company. it comes as yahoo continues to struggle to reinvent itself. a major step forward for gay rights supporters today as a federal appeals panel rejected california's ban on
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same-sex marriage. >> yeah! >> prop 8 defined marriage as being between one man and one woman and outlawed same marriage statewide. today's 2-1 ruling declared it unconstitutional singles out gays and lesbians for discrimination. don't expect to hear wedding bells soon. the decision is expected to be appealed to the u.s. supreme court. and the case is effectively on hold until then. but joining me now, julie nice constitutional law professor. the justices took the proponents of prop 8 to it's income their ruling? >> they did. it's a cautious ruling in one sense in that the courts really limited the ruling to california, stripping the right of marriage. but at the same time, the court really rejected the reasoning of the proponents who are trying to defend the
6:34 pm
ban that it will encourage responsible procreation on the part of heterosexuals if marriage is denied to same-sex couples and the ninth circuit said that's not even plausible. >> reporter: it's applicable only to california within the ninth circuit. some analysts are saying for that very reason, the u.s. supreme court may not take it because it is such a narrow ruling. >> i think that's right. i do think that's right. the panel of two judges who decided this it was a 2-1 decision were being cautious to be honest and really limiting the ruling just to the specific circumstances and facts of california having allowed same-sex marriage and then taken it away. and what the court said is you have to have a really good reason if you are going to give a right and then take it away only from a particular group of people and they didn't have one. >> reporter: do you think it will get to the u.s. supreme court? >> i definitely think the proponents of prop 8 intend to appeal it to the united states supreme court. they may not take it.
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>> thank you. it's no secret, california prisons are a mess. they are overcrowded, expensive and the recidivism rate is staggeringly high. but it doesn't have to be that way. christin ayers shows us how some convicts are diving for a second chance. and it's saving taxpayers a fortune. [ chanting ] >> reporter: it may sound like military boot camp but take a closer look at the razor wire and guard tower. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: these guys are not in the military. they're inmates at the california institution for men at chino. but instead of sitting in their cells, these convicts are diving into a more promising future. not just for them but for a cash-strapped california. >> when they leave here, they are not the same people they were when they came through
6:36 pm
the gates the first day. >> has to be watertight. >> reporter: the facility is the marine technology training center a commercial dive school on prison grounds. >> i have learned a lot about commercial diving, physics, physiology, dive medicine, welding, torching, cutting, and a lot about myself too. >> reporter: the training will take them from the cell block to the open sea where they could make up to six figures as commercial divers, under water welders and heavy construction riggers. >> it's opened up an arena of opportunity that i didn't know was available to me. >> i came to the program hoping to change my life and i did. >> reporter: the program is under the leadership of deep sea diver fred johnson. >> the biggest challenge is to get them to believe in themselves. >> reporter: he says because these men lived in prison they are well prepared and in high demand to live on hotel platforms doing dangerous work hundreds of miles offshore. >> they don't have the problem
6:37 pm
of living in a confined space. >> reporter: they are required to spend four times more hours training than civilian divers and it's grueling. by month 4 they must be able to swim five miles without stopping. and weld not only above ground but under water, as well. there is an 80% dropout rate. but those who pass are capable of patching pipelines hundreds of feet under water but perhaps the bigger skill, staying out of prison. >> this is life training. these guys are learning how to survive, how to take orders, show up to work. >> reporter: less than 6% of inmates at dive school land back behind bars compared to 65% of the state's general population. >> once they get out, they don't want to come back to prison. they have a job when they leave. >> reporter: what pays for the program? not the taxpayer. all the funding comes from inmate-produced goods and services under the california
6:38 pm
prison industry authority. >> don't want to come back. now that i have this, i have something to look forward to for the rest of my life. >> reporter: in chino, christin ayers, cbs 5. california spends nearly $50,000 a year to keep an inmate behind bars. fred johnson says in 2006, the dive program has saved the state $2.5 million. so do you think that this is a good idea? on our website: first go to prison and fail at parole." and from choice: "i am happy that they are doin something fo us that not f us would want to ris lives doing." be part of t rsation at cbs s-f m. ". punching bags" ng how to throw punche and so much more. east bay gym that troubled kids a secon ... is now : be part of the conversation at two jabs. >> learning how to throw punches and so much more. why an east bay gym that gives troubled kids a second chance
6:39 pm
is now fighting for life. and she may have discovered a cure for cancer. she's just a teenager. the bay area teen who has caught the eye of president obama.
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6:41 pm
to fight may just be the key to well, it seems to go against some people's logic. but some say teaching kids how to fight may just be the key to keeping them off the streets. john ramos shows us the surprising life lessons being taught at a school of hard punches. >> two jabs, two jabs. >> reporter: at this small gym in east oakland, kids are not just learning how to fight. they're learning how to live. >> you know, maybe they don't realize that we're here because our kids are staying out of trouble and that's not news. >> reporter: the east oakland boxing association has been here for 25 years. what began as a neighborhood gym has become an after-school program complete with homework tutors. they have a garden where kids from 5 to 20 years old learn
6:42 pm
to grow organic vegetables and once a week volunteers hand out food to the community. >> perhaps the most important thing that the kids who come here get from this place is someone who believes in them and helps them to believe in themselves. >> place changed me. >> reporter: jose villareal was a student and now teaches here. he says he is going to college because of the things this place taught him. but maybe not for long. >> we are in a financial crisis. >> reporter: sarah chavez just took over the program and says the lack of grant funding could close the operation within months. she says new grants are being written but... >> we need some help right now or we will not be able to provide these services to these young people. >> reporter: they are holding an open house on wednesday to try to convince someone, anyone to come to their aid. until then, the kids who consider this place home want people to know how important it is to them.
6:43 pm
>> this is all we have, man. what else would we do? >> reporter: in east oakland, john ramos, cbs 5. rain is now dissipating out of the bay area. now the advisory you need to know about for your wednesday with the pinpoint forecast. and i'm dennis o'donnell. a cupertino teen who may have come up with a cure for cancer, plus the at&t pro-am. we'll take you down there and show you tiger woods. sportscast we talk about everything coming up.
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for cancer, spent the day in good company. the president's. a cupertino teenager who may have discovered a cure for cancer spent the day in some good company. the president's. 17-year-old angela zhang was among dozens of students invited to washington today for the second white house science fair. the event celebrates winners from science, technology, math and engineering competitions around the country. >> it's not every day that you have robots running all over your house. i am trying to figure out how you got through the metal
6:47 pm
detectors. >> zhang created a particle designed to deliver cancer drugs directly to a tumor without harming healthy cells. that earned the monte vista high school senior a $100,000 scholarship from siemens back in december. good evening, everybody. i'm here in the cbs 5 weather center just jumped off these computers where today i saw that we had a high of 54, that's it, in kentfield to 61 in redwood city and richmond and up to an inch of rain. rain showers are dissipating across the bay area leaving us with mostly cloudy skies. we veer out towards the bay bridge where we saw a high today east of the bridge in oakland at 57. a couple of degrees cooler than that in san francisco, 50s across the board. areas of fog developing in santa rosa. tonight 38, 45 san jose. 44 in redwood city. so fog developed starting tomorrow morning with the
6:48 pm
patchy fog. then becoming sunny and warmer. slight chance of rain returning to the bay area on sunday. look at that there. that's beautiful. fast-moving front now providing a couple of inches of light snow in the high sierra. look at how elongated this area of low pressure is, splitting in half taking more of the precipitation into southern california as well leaving us with an inch of rain. tomorrow with the passage of this front, high pressure firmly builds in providing us with the sunshine. temperatures a little bit more seasonal and warmer than today. and oh, by the way, we do have another storm out there over the pacific. we need more rain in the bay area. 29% of normal as far as where we should be this time of the year. last year 69%. i was looking at some of the weather records. you have to go back to 1986 to find some healthy totals to pick us back up to where we should be this time of year.
6:49 pm
we need 9 to 10" of rain between february and march 15. the storm is out there and what it's going to do no rain but generate high surf. high surf advisory tomorrow. 4 a.m. to 3 p.m. swells up to 16 feet, low to mid-60s around the santa clara valley through gilroy into portions. 67 degrees, northwest wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. northern portion of the district up 2066 in santa rosa when the average high is 59 degrees. 62 san francisco average highs in the upper 50s. now, we are rain less as we lead you into the weekend. we cloud up on sunday. then that leads to the slight chance of rain through tuesday. that's the pinpoint forecast. dennis o'donnell will feature sports after this.
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has won the non- binding missouri primary. both cbs news and the associated press making that call within the past nutes. rick santorum has won the nonbinding missouri primary. both cbs news and the "associated press" making that call within the past couple of minutes. he is also leading in minnesota. plus santorum has an early lead in colorado where votes are coming in. but we'll have more on the elections tonight at 10:00 and
6:53 pm
11:00. dennis what do you have? >> there was a time when tiger woods probably could have ran for president and been the nominee. right? that was a while ago. >> and then they would have to impeach him. it's been 10 years ago since tiger woods played in the at&t pebble beach pro-am but he is back and the tournament takes on a new level of energy. kim coyle is on the monterey peninsula with the story. >> reporter: tiger woods has won 14 majors and is still golf's biggest draw but hasn't won since 2009. so his two biggest fans, 5-year- old daughter sam and 3-year-old son charlie doesn't understand all the hype. >> my kids are becoming an age now that they want to see daddy on tv. and, you know, daddy is gone to a golf tournament. are you going to be on tv? i say i have to play well. well, daddy, can you please play well? so that to me is -- it's -- i get more satisfaction out of that part of my life now.
6:54 pm
so golf is more enjoyable than it used to be for sure. >> reporter: so why hasn't tiger played at pebble since 2002? do the rounds take too long? is he not a fan of everybody loves raymond? >> it's been scheduling. just hasn't fit. this time it fits perfectly in my schedule. so excited to be back. the celebrity part of it, yeah, it's different. there's distractions. some guys have a gallery clapping when they're putting. it's very interesting sometimes. it can be distracting. there is no doubt. >> reporter: tiger will be paired with cowboys quarterback tony romo this week. and while he is not going to go all t.o. to defend him... >> i'm a quarterback! >> reporter: ... tiger knows romo can play and is serious. >> he is playing from the up tees this week, which will be fun. [ laughter ] >> yeah.
6:55 pm
that will be good for us. [ laughter ] >> i know that you guys probably don't know this, but they want to get him a plus three handicap which is complete bs. i mean, he's a scratch golfer. you know? i play scratch every tournament. i'm a scratch. so that's going to be fun for us to tee up together. >> reporter: and the two will do just that, thursday morning at 10:01 on spy glass. at pebble beach, i'm kim coyle, cbs 5 sports. oh!! >> oh, the 49ers and giants stars took part in the $100,000 charity shootout today at pebble beach. check the pants on matt cain. dwight clark secured the win for the 49ers. meanwhile, baseball news this just in. being played by brad pitt seemed to be good for your career.
6:56 pm
>> i give you a scoop. i'm the extending billy and mike crowley our president who is very critical to what we do as well through 2019. somebody said the reason i'm doing it is i want one or the other to be able to wheel me into the new stadium. >> oh, that's a hint. they are going to san jose. huh? that's sharks great owen nolen who officially retired today. his second in san jose history in goals scored third in points. the former sharks captain perhaps is most famous for this point calling the shot in the 1997 all-star game to complete a hat trick after 18 years in the national hockey league. he proudly kept his promise to his mom. >> i broke into the league, you know, my mom says, jokingly to me, you better not lose any teeth or you're in trouble, mister. well, mom, 1200 games later i still have them all. i must be lucky. [ applause ] >> she also said the same thing about stitches and i don't
6:57 pm
think i got past the first week. >> thousands lined the streets of manhattan as the giants celebrated their super bowl victory in the canyon of heroes. they were given keys to the city after winning their second time within the last five seasons. >> you got a ring. >> they got a ring! >> we got a ring! we got a ring!! >> guess what. i got two. [ laughter ] >> you knew the lyrics had to change somewhere. >> he was there the first time around. >> must be hard for 49 fans to watch knowing they could have beaten the team that won the super bowl. next year. we're coming back at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc
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